WPT Ladies Night: Highlights of a Special Tournament of the World Poker Tour

Known as one of the special events that the World Poker Tour features time by time, WPT Ladies Night is a very exciting, entertaining, and electrifying poker tournament that displays some of the best female poker players in the world. In here, these very talented women can measure their skills as well as the depth of their knowledge in the game sans their male counterparts. Just like the Bad Boys of Poker special tournament, the winner of this event also qualified for the enormously huge WPT World Championship event at the end of the World Poker Tour season.

Held on September 4, 2003, the first installment of WPT Ladies Night took place at the Bicycle Casino within Bell Gardens in California. Six very popular women professional poker players graced the event including Kathy Liebert, Annie Duke, and Clonie Gowen. Jennifer Harman, Evelyn Ng, and Maureen Feduniak completed the other half of the roster of well-selected participants. Right from the start, the action was intense as ever, with all the players trying to prove that they are indeed the best in the game.

Just as expected, WPT Ladies Night proved to be a scintillating spectacle of the best women professional poker players in the world. After rounds of super exciting raises, checks, calls, and folds, Harman dropped out from this prestigious poker tournament after committing some very untimely mistakes. Not wanting to follow Harman's path, the remaining players gave everything they have to outwit and outlast their opponents. However, after a few more rounds of serious plays, it was Liebert's turn to be eliminated from this highly thrilling poker competition.

With only four remaining contenders left, the action started to pick up fast at the WPT Ladies Night tournament. Because of the rich poker talent present at the competition, it is very hard to tell the outcome of the game. However, after a few more rounds, Feduniak's softer plays and crucial mistakes led to her elimination. With three remaining players left, another individual has to bust out en route to a thrilling and classic showdown between two of the best women professional poker players in the world. After a few more rounds, Duke's luck and skills obviously fell short against Gowen and Ng, which led to her elimination.

With their excellent reputation and outstanding achievements in the international poker circuit, the final face off between Gowen and Ng promised to be a classic battle between two of the most popular and talented poker players in the land. Nevertheless, only one of them can move on to win a direct seat to the WPT World Championship poker tournament at the end of Season 2, and that right went to Gowen after Ng busted out all her remaining chips.

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