Shotgun and Spit on the Ocean Draw Poker Games

Shotgun ("Skinny Minnie" and "Roll 'em out")

Shotgun draw game is played much similar to a stud poker game. The game is played this manner: dealer dealt every player five cards, followed by a betting round, further more a draw. But instead of having the usual second round plus the showdown; a "rollout "stage begins, where players are required to arrange their particular cards in any order, then placing the arrange cards in front of them face down.

Players' individual top card must now be revealed, afterward a betting round ensues. This process continues up to the last betting round and the showdown. Players are not allowed to change the arrangement of their respective cards whatever time during the exciting rollout phase.

Shotgun game is playable for low or high hand values, but suits best with low-high split games, called the "Skinny Minnie".

Spit on the Ocean

This draw poker variation might be categorized as cross between draw poker and a community card game, but Spit on the ocean is more of a draw poker game. On the first deal, every player is given four cards, in addition to a single card that is place at the center of the table facing up. This center card serves as if it was every player's fifth card in a hand. It also serves as wild card, and every second card of the same class is also considered a wild card as well.

The initial betting round takes place, a draw then follows in which players are allowed to replace cards he holds with the same number of cards he removes, in order that each active player still holds four cards. A final round of betting begins and succeeded by the showdown. This game uses the High-hand card values.

An option is to make a deal like traditional draw poker game, during this time any player may shout "Spit!". As a result of which the next card is distributed face up, then dealing resumes up to the time that players attain five cards. In several variants, no more than the "spit" card can be utilized as the wild card.

Here's a simple deal: Ali deals 4 cards to every player, afterward distribute the next card faced up to the table's center; it is a five of diamonds, and this makes all 5-spot cards wild. Boy opens for 1 dollar, Carl raise to 2 dollar, Dad folds, Ali and Boy call. Boy disposes two cards, in return obtain two replacements. Carl draws a card, and Ali draws one.

Boy checks, Carl bets $2, Ali raise to 4 dollars, Boy folds, Carl raises the bet again to $6, and Ali calls. The particular cards in Carl's hand are the combination Q-Q-6-4. Because she holds a 5 in her hand and the wild card on the table is 5 wild, her combination is four queens. Ali's hand have the cards K-J-9-7, everything are spades. Together a wild card that is shared by all, this gives Ali a flush, which bows to Carl's four queens.

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