Online Poker Freeroll Tournaments

In poker terminology, a freeroll can have two definitions. One definition pertains to any specific play of a particular hand, and the second definition describes a whole poker tournament.

Freeroll hand

A freeroll usually comes into play in a game of high-low split wherein one player assured of a low hand win tries to catch a timely card that will give him a flush or a straight to win the high hand as well.

A good example is this Texas holdem play: Andy holds K♣ 10♣ while Brent holds K♥ 10♥. After three rounds, the board contains A♣ Q♠ J♥ 4♣. Each player holds a straight ace-high, the present nut hand, and probably they will split the entire pot. Assuming that the last card suit is a club then Angie's flush will beat Brent's straight. No other final card can give Brent better than a split. But Andy can still develop his cards so he is freerolling Brent.

If a player recognizes that he owns a freeroll, then he can enlarge the central pot to some extent. Sometimes, an opponent with less experience and not knowing that he's on the losing end will further make some raises with no guarantee of a win.

Freeroll tournament

The term freeroll also described any tournament that requires no entry fee. The prize fund usually comes from contributions from the house, admission fees from spectators, sponsorship fees or donations from private individuals. Some land-based or online casinos and card rooms offer freeroll tournament to regular patrons.

Internet poker sites freeroll tournaments must not be mixed up with play money tournaments. Freerolls and play-money tournaments differ in two ways. Play money tournaments are entirely played using play money. Freeroll tournaments may be legitimately free; it may involve a disbursement of points which the sponsoring site developed or on various cases involve a player placing some funds into his account. The prizes may include: merchandize, points, and real money or entry tickets to other tournaments.

Several Internet poker sites offer freeroll tournaments but they involve payment of points to enter. These points are usually obtained by disbursing and playing actual money hands which are actually the entry fee required to enter their tournament. However, some Internet sites permit playing in freerolls games free of any payment and with the opportunity to earn real money.

One good example of a freeroll tournament is the Professional Poker Tour with participants being required to meet the requirements set in earlier tournaments. The prize pool comes from broadcast-rights and tournament sponsors.

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