No Limit Strategies: Knowing When to Stop

One of the questions that new No Limit players often find themselves asking is when they should quit playing. Of course, there are different answers to these questions, but the following can serve as a general guideline.

First and foremost it must be made clear when players should not quit. All too often players stop after losing a few hands. What you need to understand is that No Limit, like all Poker games, has swings. You may be losing for this hour, but you can easily recover in the next, so you should be patient.

Then there are those who quit after winning a game, and yet insist on playing when they lose, in order to try and recuperate what they have lost. The thinking behind this No Limit strategy is that it is better to quit when you are winning. The fact is that there is no reason to quit when you are winning; that is what you came to play for.

The point is that you should never quit playing after a few small losses or stop after a few small wins. If you are losing, then you tighten some of the hands you are playing. If you are winning, ride it out. If you are playing according based on good strategy, do not think that your luck will run out, because it is your play making that will decide that.

However, there will be times when you will want to stop. For instance, if you have reached your stop loss limit. A lot of No Limit players use this method. For example if they come into a casino intent on leaving after losing $800, they will. So if you are among those that utilize this system, you should make a conscious effort to stick to it.

Another time to leave the table is when the players have changed. If you were playing against rocks and fishes, then you should stay there and make as much money as you can. However, if they depart and some tight aggressive ones come in, then get up and leave. Or you can look for another table with weak No Limit players.

Every aspect of your No Limit game must be worked on, and this includes knowing when to stop, or move on to another table. Coupled with proper bank roll management, you will no doubt find yourself winning a lot more games.

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