Folding in the Right Time in Limit Holdem

There are lot of things that distinguish the winning Limit Holdem player from those that are average or just mediocre. One of the most pertinent is the capability of the former to fold a hand that has lost its value, or little to begin with. This is an important concept and must be understood.

There are several ways that players make mistakes when it comes to folding hands in Limit Holdem, but basically it can be divided into two categories, namely folding too early or folding too late in the hand. While this may seem difficult to determine when you are playing, it will become clearer as you play.

Folding late is a very common error in Limit Holdem games, and often leads to second best hands, one of the worst situations you can find yourself in. For example, if you are holding. For example, if you are holding AJ, and the flops gives you a pair of Jacks and a three to flush draw. This hand looks good, but you should observe the turn too.

If the turn is a Queen, your Limit Holdem strategy should be to focus on what the other players do. If someone makes a bet and this is followed by a call or raise from another player, then you should fold your hand. Someone has QQ or better, or a higher flush draw. Fold your hand now, before you make more bets that will cost you.

Folding too early in Limit Holdem happens with a lot of tight players. Quite often this happens when players see a threat on the flop or are stymied by the actions of other players. To avoid this occurrence, it is important that you consider the actions pre flop.

When you are dealt your Limit Holdem cards, you should, in whatever position you are in, observe the reactions of the players and how they bet. If it is folded around and only a few make it to the flop, you should look at your hand. If it is something marginal like 98s or 77, it would be worthwhile to see the flop. But if a lot of the players raise or if the bets are called, you should just fold your hand.

Folding is very important in all Poker games, and particularly in Limit Holdem. It is one of the strategies that players use to maintain their bankroll for the game, and also to avoid excessive losses. Learn the correct ways to fold your hands, and you will be able to win more pots in the process.

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