Avoid Blowing Your Poker Bankroll

When playing online poker, it is important that you know how to avoid blowing your bankroll. How to do this is easy.

First is you must never play a limit that is way higher than what your bankroll can handle. You must be very aware of the capacity of your bankroll and how strong it is. If you play at a higher limits, it would mean that there is a better competition, thus there is a need for you to give more money which will result to a broke if in case things do not favor you. It is advisable that you have 40 buy-ins at least to place in your bankroll regardless of the limit. This may help you survive a losing streak.

The next one is to never play when you are on a tilt. As you may know, tilt is word that is feared by many poker players. When a player is on a tilt, the decisions that he makes are affected by the out pour of his emotions. This may occur if you have suffered a hideous bad beat, it is whether you got busted with a pocket Aces or losing to a runner flush. The best thing to do is to remain clear on the screen when you're on tilt. A player having a tilt plays for emotional reasons which he wouldn't really do on a normal basis. He try to raise a marginal hand, bluff more pots and even generally try to play a lot of hands in a very aggressive manner. If you play while you are on tilt, you are putting yourself in danger and this may guarantee you a losing streak and basically lose you bankroll if you are too careless. When you are in situations like this, have break before playing.

Lastly, avoid chasing too much. In a no limit cash, it's not a wise move to chase each time you encounter a flush or a straight draw. You must consider the pot odds and the implied odds if you are planning to chase, if not you will just end up reloading. For example, if it is heads yo and then you have flopped straight draw, the other players will bet more than what is in the pot. The money inside the pot becomes worthless. Be reminded that you must only chase when you're in the right position, there is a great value awaiting for you is you do.

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